Bushes Metric

For use with LUNN-DAVIS Series AF metric Cutters & GP Cutters.

Bushings are supplied to any size but the following prices apply to sizes covered by BRITISH STANDARDS BS 4235: PART1 :1972

ORDER BUSHINGS BY GIVING INFORMATION AS FOLLOWS:- Sample order – No. 2 BUSHING, Ø55 x 16mm slot x 76mm long : PART No. D3527-2

Size 1 : Height 51mm
Item No. Size No. Slot Dia Request Price
D3500-1 1 4mm** 12mm
D3501-1 1 5mm 14mm
D3502-1 1 5mm 15mm
D3503-1 1 5mm 16mm
D3504-1 1 6mm 18mm
D3505-1 1 6mm 20mm
D3506-1 1 6mm 22mm
D3507-1 1 8mm 24mm
D3508-1 1 8mm 25mm
D3509-1 1 8mm 26mm
D3510-1 1 8mm 28mm
D3511-1 1 8mm 30mm
D3512-1 1 10mm 32mm
D3513-1 1 10mm 34mm
D3514-1 1 10mm 35mm
D3515-1 1 10mm 36mm
D3516-1 1 10mm 38mm
D3517-1 1 12mm 40mm
D3518-1 1 12mm 42mm
D3519-1 1 12mm 44mm
D3520-1 1 14mm 45mm
D3521-1 1 14mm 46mm
D3522-1 1 14mm 48mm
D3523-1 1 14mm 50mm
Size 2 :Height 76mm
Item No. Size No. Slot Dia Request Price
D3524-2 2 16mm 51mm
D3525-2 2 16mm 52mm
D3526-2 2 16mm 54mm
D3527-2 2 16mm 55mm
D3528-2 2 16mm 56mm
D3529-2 2 16mm 58mm
D3530-2 2 18mm 60mm
D3531-2 2 18mm 62mm
D3532-2 2 18mm 64mm
D3533-2 2 18mm 65mm
D3534-2 2 20mm 66mm
D3535-2 2 20mm 68mm
D3536-2 2 20mm 70mm
D3537-2 2 20mm 72mm
D3538-2 2 20mm 74mm
D3539-2 2 20mm 75mm

* Height of size No. 1 Bushing - Ø12 through to Ø24 are twice the Ø. In height . Ø25 and up, are 51mm in height. ** This bushing is furnished with 3/16 in. slot to accept the 3/16 in. wide reinforced back cutters recommended for keyways under 3/16 in. in size
All bushings diameters are held to BS 1916: PART1: 1953 – f8 Tolerance.
All cutter slots are held to BS 1916: PART1: 1953 – E8 Tolerance.
Prices quoted upon request for Extra length bushings or taper bushings for tapered holes.
No.1 Bushings, Ø25 and under, are made of steel all others are cast iron
When ordering Non-standard size bushings, drawings of the parts to be keyseated help to ensure proper fits.
For Diameters and slots other than standard, consult Lunn Engineering Co Ltd
DELIVERY: Standard Bushings can be delivered from stock. Other than standard sizes require 2 weeks after receipt of order.

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Size 3 : Height 103mm
Item No. Size No. Slot Dia Request Price
D3540-3 3 22mm 76mm
D3541-3 3 22mm 78mm
D3542-3 3 22mm 80mm
D3543-3 3 22mm 82mm
D3544-3 3 22mm 84mm
D3545-3 3 22mm 85mm
D3546-3 3 25mm 86mm
D3547-3 3 25mm 88mm
D3548-3 3 25mm 90mm
D3549-3 3 25mm 95mm
D3550-3 3 28mm 96mm
D3551-3 3 28mm 98mm
D3552-3 3 28mm 100mm
D3553-3 3 28mm 101mm
Size 4:Height 114mm
Item No. Size No. Slot Dia Request Price
D3554-4 4 28mm 102mm
D3555-4 4 28mm 104mm
D3556-4 4 28mm 105mm
D3557-4 4 28mm 106mm
D3558-4 4 28mm 108mm
D3559-4 4 28mm 110mm
D3560-4 4 32mm 112mm
D3561-4 4 32mm 114mm
D3562-4 4 32mm 115mm
D3563-4 4 32mm 116mm
D3564-4 4 32mm 118mm
D3565-4 4 32mm 120mm
D3566-4 4 32mm 122mm
D3567-4 4 32mm 124mm
D3568-4 4 32mm 125mm
D3569-4 4 32mm 126mm
D3570-4 4 32mm 127mm
Size 5 :Height 152mm
Item No. Size No. Slot Dia Request Price
D3571-5 5 32mm 128mm
D3572-5 5 32mm 130mm
D3573-5 5 36mm 132mm
D3574-5 5 36mm 134mm
D3575-5 5 36mm 135mm
D3576-5 5 36mm 136mm
D3577-5 5 36mm 138mm
D3578-5 5 36mm 140mm
D3579-5 5 36mm 142mm
D3580-5 5 36mm 144mm
D3581-5 5 36mm 145mm
D3582-5 5 36mm 146mm
D3583-5 5 36mm 148mm
D3584-5 5 36mm 150mm